xQc grosses out Twitch viewers while finally cleaning his room

Twitch star xQc cleaning roomTwitch: xQc

In a recent Twitch stream, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel got his viewers to help him clean his room and do his laundry. However all it really did was disgust them, showing off half-eaten food and rubbish littered all over the place.

xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. With his more than 11 million followers, he rakes in millions of dollars a month. But apparently money cannot buy you life skills.

Anyone who has watched xQc stream knows, typically, his room is quite messy. It’s a topic that is brought up on stream and commented on frequently. And after months of his chat bringing up the issue, xQc finally decided to clean up his room live on stream.

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During his November 30 stream, xQc decided to do some chores and finally clean up his room. His chat supporting him along and commenting on the state of his room when certain things were pulled out and in view of the camera.

During the cleaning stream, multiple takeaway cups, half-eaten pizza and other food items were found and placed into a black rubbish bag. xQc’s chat commented on things like “I see mould” and “gross” while the juicer warlord was cleaning up his room.

One Reddit user posted a clip of xQc doing his laundry, captioning the clip “xQc, 27 years old, does his laundry for the first time by himself with help from the Twitch chat.”

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The video shows xQc throwing clothes into a washing machine and asking his chat if he has put in the correct cleaning products and if he is doing it right.

It does show while these internet superstars can capture audiences and rake in fat stacks of cash, life skills are just as important.