xQc shares awkward Twitch fan interaction while on a date


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is enough of an internet celebrity to be noticed out in public nowadays. However he can’t even escape fans while relaxing off stream, with one avid viewer even finding him while he was out on a date.

When you’re as big as xQc online, you’re bound to be noticed in public. Even though the Twitch star locks himself inside for days at a time to entertain his legion of fans, even he needs to tend to things outside the streaming realm.

But it’s a bit awkward when that outing is a date.

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After stepping away from his stream to get to know someone new after his recent breakup with Adept, he met a fan whose innocent greeting prompted a conversation about Twitch — which his date knew nothing about.

xQc actually spotted the exact viewer in his chat, who messaged “X, I saw you at Orange Julep [in Montreal] once a few months ago but left you alone to enjoy your night.”

“Dude, it was you! I was on a date, man!” xQc exclaims, genuinely surprised and seemingly excited to share the story.

“I was on a f**king date, okay. I was tryna look like… This girl knew nothing about Twitch. And then shows up, and goes ‘what up man,’ and I’m like ‘oh my God bro.'”

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It appears xQc may have been avoiding discussing Twitch, which makes sense as how his life is oversaturated with conversations regarding the platform — and also how hard it can be at times to explain it to someone with no knowledge.

Since his date didn’t know anything about Twitch, she likely had no preconceived notions of who he was either, at least until his fan walked up to him.

For those worried about the fan being too overbearing though, don’t get your pitchforks out: “It was good though. He was chill, he was chill, it was fine, don’t worry about it.”

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