xQc does his best 'Twitch thot' streamer impression - Dexerto

xQc does his best ‘Twitch thot’ streamer impression

Published: 21/Dec/2018 11:38 Updated: 21/Dec/2018 11:54

by Connor Bennett


Twitch ‘thots’ have become a dividing topic of conversation on various streaming platforms and now former Overwatch professional player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has mocked them in his own creative way. 

The streamer, who is known for his antics and frequent roastings of other creators, turned his attention to Twitch ‘thots’ during his December 20 stream. These ‘thots’ have been labelled as such because some community members believe they use their bodies and looks for viewers instead of creating quality content. 

As xQc usually does, he took things to a whole new hilarious level with his unique comedic styling. 

While waiting for a game of League of Legends to load, xQc called out “Yo, what’s up? What’s up? Sorry boys, I dropped my controller,” before standing up and bending over – placing his butt in full view for the camera.


The former Overwatch League pro continued to exaggerate the ‘looking for a controller’ joke by reaching around his bed and Christmas Tree whilst repeating, “I got it. I got it.” He concluded by returning to his camera, stating “I picked it up, sorry about that” after keeping his butt on show for just a little while longer.

It’s unlikely that xQc faces any sort of real backlash for what he did. The streamer was merely mocking a subsection of Twitch which, while it has its critics, also has plenty of fans. 

However, it’s not like he hasn’t faced backlash before for his on-stream antics. He recently revealed that he had been the target of death threats after making a comment about a girl in a Korean Pop music video, despite being a fan of the music genre.