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xQc discusses receiving death threats from K-Pop fans

Published: 18/Dec/2018 15:19 Updated: 18/Dec/2018 16:00

by David Purcell


Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has opened up about death threats he received because of comments he made about a girl in a Korean Pop music video.

The former professional Overwatch player revealed his love for K-Pop during a stream on December 17 and fan accounts of the music genre, but told a shocking story about how something he had said in the past had resulted in some very aggressive comments made towards him.

xQc said: “Some people make K-Pop fan accounts and they spend their entire day posting only about it, like six posts per minute on K-Pop. 

“Even though I genuinely really like K-Pop, like genuinely love it and I actually play a lot of it on stream, there’s one video where a girl was dancing, they were doing a practice, and I thought she lacked confidence so I said it.”


Despite his love for the music, however, the Canadian seemed shocked by just how volatile a group of K-Pop fans were when responding to him. 

“They sent a bunch of death threats, saying that they were going to kill my family and shit like that. Saying that I was using the F word and a bunch of shit that’s not true,” he added. 

The Canadian is never afraid of speaking his mind but the response of the community K-Pop community clearly took him off-guard.