xQc announces GTA RP return date after fourth NoPixel ban lifted early

Twitch: xQc / Rockstar Games

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is set to make his return as Jean Paul to GTA RP in a matter of hours. The controversial star has had his fourth ban on the popular NoPixel 3.0 server lifted early, after he was suspended for a month in mid-April.

xQc was set to be offline on GTA RP until the middle of May after being handed his fourth ban on April 18 for abusing exploits and encouraging his viewers to “chat hop” and harass other roleplayers.

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The star said he wasn’t going to return. His fourth ban would be his last. However, that hasn’t ended up being the case.

xQc is set to make a triumphant comeback as Jean Paul in the popular GTA RP server on April 30, after the star had his month-long ban lifted early by NoPixel mods ⁠— a backflip on the hardline stance they initially took against Lengyel.

xQc is out of GTA RP jail again.

xQc returns to GTA RP on April 30

The French-Canadian Twitch star confirmed the “big news” on an April 29 stream: He would be returning between “[April] 31 and [May] 1” (Note: There is no April 31, so he probably means April 30).

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“I am pleased to announce the official return of Jean Paul tomorrow night [April 30] at midnight,” he said.

His ban has been the source of much controversy, and divided the GTA RP community. Some believe that he has broken the rules too many times and must be kicked out permanently.

However, others like Sykkuno have backed xQc, saying he is an integral part of the community that has inspired a lot of players to pursue GTA RP.

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Jean Paul himself admitted his actions in the past have been “dumb,” but he plans on standing up to the “Malding Andy’s” and cut his own path on NoPixel.

“They know I’m dumb but I don’t have malicious intent most of the time. Whenever there is a rule break I get mald to the point where I do a rule break. All the Malding Andy’s who know I am back are going to report me for everything that is not a problem,” he said on stream.

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Whether xQc can keep himself out of NoPixel’s bad books for long remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: His return stream is set to be massive. Don’t miss it.

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