Summit1g “can’t wait” to retire from Twitch so he can finally escape stream snipers

Luke Edwards
summit1g stream sniped
Twitch: Summit1g / Pixabay

As he was left in despair after stream snipers ruined his game of DayZ, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar explained why he was looking forward to his Twitch retirement and avoiding them for good.

Stream sniping – a practice where opponents use a live stream to figure out the locations and plans of streamers in their game – is one of the biggest issues streamers face on a regular basis.

The likes of xQc, Shroud and Ninja have all been victims of stream sniping over the years on a range of titles, too, from Warzone to Fortnite to Escape From Tarkov.

On his May 1 stream, however, Summit quit survival game DayZ in frustration after players were relentlessly stream sniping him, with one player using unfairly gained information to land a kill.

Summit swiftly quit the game and complained about the situation to his viewers. “There’s no way to stream this game,” he said.

“I’m gonna be mentally f***ed up by the time I’m done streaming, and I can’t tell you the relief that I’ll have when I can enjoy video games again without f**ks just having to get into the game.

“I just can’t wait to be done with it. I can’t wait to never have to play video games with any of you f**ks. One day I will not do this Twitch thing anymore, and one day I’ll just be gaming and chilling. Nobody’s gonna know where I’m at, I’m gonna be able to come out with the content I want.

“I envy the YouTubers of DayZ. I know it’s such a stupid problem to have, but after nine years of getting stream sniped I don’t think you guys could understand how brutal that is. I legitimately can’t play a game in an organic way at all. It’s taken a chunk of my love for video games.”

Summit also had a brutal message for people who choose to stream snipe him and other creators.

“If you’re a stream sniper I just want you to know how generally stupid you are and how you’ve f***ed up content and how worthless you are,” he said. “You’ve done nothing for Twitch, you’re worthless for the community in every way.”

Summit fans were happy to see him return to playing DayZ later in the day, but it’s clear that stream sniping is taking a massive toll on Summit’s motivation to produce content.

For now, Summit1g remains one of the most popular streamers on the platform, with the sixth most subscribers overall at the time of writing.