xQc criticizes FaZe Clan amid drama for signing Grace Van Dien

Jacob Hale
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Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has weighed in on the ongoing FaZe Clan drama after they announced Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien as their newest creator, questioning their motives when announcing that they want to sign more women to the organization.

Earlier in May 2023, the internet blew up after FaZe Clan announced the signing of Grace Van Dien, who goes by ‘bluefille’, an actress who starred most famously as Chrissy in Stranger Things.

In recent months, since the success of the Netflix show, Grace has regularly streamed on Twitch and grown a following on there, even claiming that she is going to switch to focus on streaming more than her acting career.

After she was announced as FaZe Clan’s newest creator, though — a move that Rain leaked several days prior — there was a lot of backlash, both from Rain and other people associated with FaZe, as well as fans of creators who have long grinded to get into FaZe Clan.

xQc weighs in on FaZe BlueFille debacle

During his May 30 stream, xQc spoke out on the entire ordeal. “People need to stop doing this ‘we need more women in esports’,” he started. “Bro, if people paid attention, there’s a bunch of deserving women that can get picked up, because they deserve it.

“Why do people have to go out of their way and pick girls on the basis that they are girls, that aren’t even interested in the space. There’s so many girls out there that are doing good.”

Needless to say, xQc clearly believes this entire situation could have been handled differently, and that there are a number of women who would have been suitable and more fitting pickups from FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan themselves have not yet spoken out on the backlash.

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