xQc reveals a master plan that could “save” FaZe Clan

xQc next to FaZe Clan logoxQc

Twitch star xQc has revealed what he’d do to “save” FaZe Clan as the organization continues to face backlash from its OG members.

Following the signing of Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien, FaZe Clan, one of the world’s biggest and longest-tenured gaming organizations, is undergoing turmoil within its own walls.

While the feud is mainly between co-owner FaZe Rain and Grace Van Dien, the organization has faced backlash from fans and other members, who continue to bash the publicly traded company’s corporate structure — which loses hundreds of thousands monthly according to Rain.

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As many voice their own opinions on the situation, Twitch streamer xQc has weighed in once more, explaining what he’d do to save the organization if he was at the reigns.

xQc’s unveils plan to save FaZe Clan

During a June 3 live stream with Ludwig and TheStockGuy, xQc was asked what he’d do to save FaZe if he was in charge — to which he answered by claiming he’d fire all the organization’s current employees.

“Okay, it’s a simple concept. Tighten up the ship, fire all employees that do content, production, everybody out of the job,” he said.

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The streamer further explained that he’d also release most of FaZe’s esports rosters, and instead use the money to sign a “core” of top content creators to run the brand.

“Most esports teams under contract, all canceled, all fired. Do like legacy cost, whatever they have left on their contract write it out.

“Get a really strong core of top, tight content creators. YouTubers, streamers, go together and merchandise, brand, produce at the core and work your way down from genuine content and results and you work your way down and you stop doing esports sh*t because that sh*t is garbage.”

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Ludwig followed up by asking the Juicer if he’d still work with FaZe’s OG members. “Would you work with the OGs?” Ludwig asked, to which xQc replied, “No… f**k them.”

In late May, xQc spoke out on the entire FaZe situation, heavily criticizing the organization.

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