Asmongold vows to never “sell out” and get paid to gamble on Twitch

asmongold-twitch-gamblingTwitch: Asmongold

Asmongold has been outspoken about his issue with sponsored gambling streams on Twitch, and he doubled down on his stance by vowing to never “sell out” and get paid to do it.

Twitch’s acceptable of streamers to host sponsored gambling streams on their platform has been the hottest topic for some time now. It returned to the spotlight once again after xQc hosted one for the first time in a year.

Not everyone is against them, especially those like Adin Ross who get paid lucrative amounts of money to do them. However, a chorus of streamers have spoken against it, including Pokimane, Sykkuno, and Asmongold.

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Asmon has been particularly outspoken about it. However, rather than blaming individual streamers like xQc, he believes the solution is to tackle the root of the problem by making sponsored gambling streams illegal.

During a stream on May 18, he also vowed to never “sell out” by hosting a sponsored gambling stream himself, explaining he has no reason to do it because he has plenty of money and it would ruin his reputation.

xQc looking at camera side-by-side with slot machineTwitch: xQc/Unsplash
xQc has been facing backlash for his gambling streams.

“The reason why I’m not going to take a gambling sponsorship, or I really wouldn’t want to, is that I have no plans on doing that,” he said.“If [a gambling sponsor] offered me $20 million a month, I wouldn’t do it.”

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Asmon explained that he has “no reason” to do it: “I already have a lot of money, and the real reason why, here’s the truth, and it’s kind of an ego reason, is because I plan to make content for the rest of my life.

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“I’m not planning on retiring next year. I’m planning on continuing with my company (OTK) and being successful with this for the rest of my life, so why would I sell out [to gambling sponsors] and damage my reputation?”

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Asmon doesn’t subscribe to the idea that gambling streams are bad content because they’re boring.

“Gambling is not bad content. If it were bad content, it wouldn’t be some people’s most popular streams,” he said.

However, he does believe that if Twitch continues to let them run rampant on the platform, it will inevitably “hurt” the website and have a negative effect on revenue, support, funding, and in turn, popularity.

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