xQc calls McDonald’s on stream after they keep messing up his Uber orders

Michael Gwilliam
xqc complains to mcdonald's about honey mustard

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel really hates getting honey mustard in his Uber orders so much so that he called up his local McDonald’s to complain.

No one likes getting an incorrect order when they use a delivery app, even if the service can offer a full refund over a mistake.

While plenty of users have gotten their money back over mistakes, xQc decided enough was enough and decided to give McDonald’s a piece of his mind.

During a March 28 broadcast, Lengyel was watching a McDonald’s video on stream and eating his order when his sauces were once again incorrect, resulting in the streamer confronting his local restaurant on Twitch.

xQc doesn’t like honey mustard sauce

After getting on the phone with his local McDonald’s, xQc pleaded his case, explaining that whenever he asks for honey packets, he keeps getting honey mustard.

“Is there a problem with the app or something?” he asked.

The employee pondered if Lengyel had his app set to a certain preference, but xQc reiterated that he specifically clicked on “honey packet.”

“Do you guys even have honey packets or not?” the French Canadian pressed.

According to the staff member, the honey packets come in the daytime with Lengyl promising that he would come later and check it out.

“They don’t give a f**k,” he said after hanging up. “I don’t even get it though. Every day I order honey packets, I get honey mustard. I don’t like honey mustard!”

xQc went on to argue with his chat about whether or not he was being a ‘Karen’ by providing feedback, but hopefully the streamer can get his honey packets the next time he orders from the Golden Arches.

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