xQc fails hilariously while playing GTA Online for the first time - Dexerto

xQc fails hilariously while playing GTA Online for the first time

Published: 18/Feb/2019 1:53 Updated: 18/Feb/2019 2:09

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer and Overwatch pro Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel went live with a game of Grand Theft Auto Online for the very first time – and ended up running into a few difficulties.

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While xQc is notable for his Overwatch play, the streamer often broadcasts other titles, as well; and this time, he chose Grand Theft Auto Online.

xQc went live with the game on February 16, where he took a pedestrian route in the middle of the road – and suddenly died by suicide, for no apparent reason.

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“What happened?” he asked. “I don’t know what happened.


The streamer appeared to be flummoxed by his sudden death, as did his chat, when he encountered another fatality shortly thereafter.

Rockstar GamesGrand Theft Auto Online offers the full GTA experience with a plethora of other players – which can lead to some hilarious experiences.
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xQc broke open the window of a parked vehicle when the car suddenly exploded, sending his character flying through the air.

That wasn’t the end of xQc’s missteps, either; he ran into the road just after respawning and was hit by a semi truck, hilariously adding to his series of unfortunate deaths.

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The streamer appeared to get hacked shortly thereafter, likely thanks to GTA Online’s P2P networking, which allows modders and hackers to see the IP addresses of other players.


His camera bugged out while flying above the city in a Delorean, with his character suddenly wearing a series of traffic cones seemingly out of nowhere.

While xQc was the unfortunate target of mischievous modders, his stream of the game brought his audience plenty of laughs – thanks to getting “wasted” so many times.