Woman slammed online for tearful video claiming men only want “robots” and “screens”

Molly Byrne
Woman tearfully claims men only want "robots" and "screens."

A woman who fears the future of intimate connections due to men turning to robots and screens for affection is getting slammed in her comments section for an emotional video gone viral. 

In a recent viral video, a woman tearfully acknowledged her growing concern for the future of her relationships.

Not because there aren’t enough fish in the sea, or that dating apps just aren’t working out – but because AI, NPCs, and anime are taking over the internet.

Though some viewers agree with the woman, who was also wearing a shirt that read “narcissism,” others are explaining their viewpoints while simultaneously slamming her feelings on the subject.

Streamer Amouranth
Streamers like Amouranth have launched their own AI chatbots to fulfill fans’ fantasies.

Woman claims men are only looking for a “fantasy”

With TikTok influencers like PinkyDoll breaking the internet by doing human activities in robotic form, some netizens think people are slowly shifting their romantic tendencies and interests. 

Artificial intelligence is also changing relationship norms, as people are able to generate anything they want at any time. Even major influencers are releasing their own AI chatbots to simulate romantic conversations with fans.

And let’s not forget about animatsexuals, where individuals gravitate towards intimate scenarios with fictionally animated characters.

Though these variables are growing trends, a woman just couldn’t help but hold back her tears while questioning what men want, saying, “What kind of world do we live in — where a normal regular girl cannot find just a regular guy out here today? Because these guys don’t want a real woman.”

She continued to claim that men are only looking for a fantasy: “They want a fantasy. They want to live in this fake fantasy world. They would rather jack off to some screen, to some robot, rather than actually deal with a real human being and what comes with that.”

She then claimed that men only choose robots and screens over real women because it is “easier,” tearfully ending her tirade by saying she was “done” with dating.

Viewers were quick to share their feelings on her thoughts, first, pointing out how she was wearing a shirt that said “narcissism,” as multiple people called out her shady apparel choice with one commenting, “What’s her shirt say? Is she really wearing a shirt that describes herself?”

Others slammed the online moment by saying, “You are too shallow for the conversation,” as well as, “Has she considered that maybe she’s just terrible at picking men?”

While another person pointed to women as being the issue, saying, “Women have done this to themselves over the last 50 years. They have made themselves so problematic that it makes no sense for many young men to deal with them. It is sad.”

Though most viewers were against her opinion, there were some women who felt the same, saying, “What she says is true. A lot of men don’t want marriage or relationships, just sex and fantasy.”

The pushback this woman received may have been cruel and intentional, but one thing is for sure, and it’s that the dating world for men and women is shifting its course whether people like it or not.