Woman hits back after boyfriend dumps her for having male best friend

Virginia Glaze

A woman is going viral on TikTok after her boyfriend dumped her for having a male best friend — and the internet was not on her side.

Maintaining relationships can be difficult in the age of social media — but one woman claims she got dumped by a guy she was seeing after posting a video of herself and her guy best friend online.

The woman, who goes by Liana on TikTok, claimed that a man she’d been talking to for a few weeks dropped her after she posted a video of her BFF holding a portable fan up to her face at an outdoor event with the caption, “Love him so bad.”

“He basically told me that he doesn’t do guy best friends with the girl he’s speaking to, and if he’s pursuing someone, he just doesn’t really respect the fact that I have a male in my life that I love real bad,” she said.

Woman under fire after claiming man dumped her over male best friend

Liana’s video has garnered nearly half a million views… but all the comments have been removed, hinting that the internet didn’t take her side on the issue.

A few comments can be seen in other videos Liana created responding to the backlash, where she appears totally unbothered by netizens’ opinions of her.

“My guy dodged a bullet,” one user said.

“Not gonna lie, any man you ever get with will say the same thing,” another commented. “Us guys know what other guys think. If you got a male best friend, you for the streets.”

Several days later, Liana posted a full response to the outrage surrounding her original video, where she explained that she’d deleted the comments due to hateful remarks about her appearance that had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

She also claims that her ex-man has seen the video and is “annoyed” that it’s going viral.

“I’ve apologized [to him],” she said. “I don’t think any of the men I talk to are ‘content,’ it’s just that they are subjected to being in content after it’s said and done. I also didn’t know that this was going to happen. I had no idea.”

That being said, Liana is “happy” she got to “start the conversation around male best friends” and thanked those who supported her in spite of the backlash.

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