Woman goes viral on Twitter after swarm of bees delays flight

Anna Koselke
Barry from Bee Movie with surprised face

A woman has gone viral on Twitter after posting about her flight being delayed due to bees congregating on the plane’s wing.

It is not often that wildlife intercepts human flight, but it when it does, it tends to be downright ridiculous. This situation is no exception, as a flight from Houston was was delayed, leaving passengers stranded and waiting.

What, pray tell, were they waiting for? The airplane was covered in bees, and staff was not allowing passengers to board while the honey-hoarding insects were congregating on the powerful aircraft. The entire ordeal went viral, thanks to a woman posting about her experience with the delay on Twitter.

People from all over the world commented, sharing their amusement at the entire situation while watching for any updates. Would the bees be removed? Would they be spared or would they be killed? Would the poster ever board her flight?

Twitter thread about bees swarming plane’s wing goes viral

The woman in question first posted about her flight being delayed on Twitter, stating that a swarm of bees had “congregated on the tip of one of the wings.” She said that the passengers of the flight were not allowed to board until the bees had been removed.

Continuing the thread, the poster stated that someone was set to come see the bees. Initially, that person had been said to be some form of pest control, meaning that the bees would be killed. People were unhappy to read this, understandably.

The lady eventually followed up with better news, saying that they were bringing in a bee keeper instead of pest control. She then posted some funny pictures involving airport staff and keepers looking at the swarm of bees.

Another update was eventually posted, in which the woman stated that a bee keeper could not come after all, due to them not being allowed to touch an airplane. Instead, the captain decided that he would taxi the plane and hope the bees would leave.

Unfortunately, this plan ended up scrapped, as well. Everything seemed to be ending badly for the passengers as flights were rebooked and people were calling family to explain why they were not going to arrive in time… when the unthinkable happened.

The original poster came back to Twitter to announce that the bees had finally departed from the wing. Why, you ask? Because the crew turned the plane engine on to move for another plane. That was literally all it took!

The final updates posted showed that the passengers had finally boarded the newly bee-free plane to Atlanta. It seemed that the solution had been there the whole time, and was much more simple than originally expected.

While the entire situation is truly hard to bee-lieve, we are happy to hear that both the bees and the passengers made it home safely. Hopefully the little guys choose a better hangout spot next time… maybe a cruise ship?

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