Woman goes viral after giving birth alone in car while stuck in traffic

Woman goes viral after giving birth alone in car while stuck in trafficTIKTOK: deshaifudd

A TikToker has gone viral after revealing she had no choice but to give birth in a car, as she was stuck in traffic while on her way to the hospital.

Content creator Deshai Fudd said she started having contractions one morning, but thought she had plenty of time, so she told her husband, Loston, to head to work.

When he came back around lunchtime, they drove together to the hospital. However, within 10 minutes, Deshai water broke and she gave birth by herself while her husband tried to navigate traffic.

“I had no clue it was going to happen until she was already in my pants,” she told NeedToKnow.Online. “She didn’t cry so we were concerned until I felt her move. My husband was yelling and asking if she was okay and asking what he should do.

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“I told him to keep driving and get us to the hospital! I was panicking at first but I just wanted to reassure my husband that she was okay and to just keep driving so we could to the hospital as soon as possible.”

The situation escalated as the car came to a standstill due to heavy traffic. Loston managed to pull up next to a patrol officer. He told him they had just had a baby and needed an escort to the hospital.

“The officer quickly turned his lights on and led us through the traffic!” the TikToker recalled. “We got to the hospital and about 10-15 nurses ran out to the car and cut the umbilical cord. They wrapped the baby up in some blankets and took us into a room to check on everything.”

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Luckily for the young couple, the newborn baby girl, Dariya, was happy and healthy, weighing five pounds and 12 ounces.

Deshai uploaded a video of the experience on TikTok, and it’s gone viral with 11.5 million views, with viewers congratulating her on her speedy delivery.