Woman exposes man for ripping off her wig in streets of NYC

Kawter Abed
Man smiling after allegedly ripping off woman's wig

A woman went viral on TikTok after blasting an unknown man for forcefully ripping off her wig in the streets of New York City.

In a viral clip with 479,000 views, NYC singer Lizzy Ashliegh called out a man who allegedly pulled a green wig off of her head while passing her by on a city street. 

“Sir! For what f**king reason?” Lizzy yelled at him in the clip, which was captured seconds after the alleged assault. “For what reason did you take my wig off?” she screamed, gripping the hairpiece in her hand while the grinning man tried to walk away.

“What made you think that was the good thing to do?” the singer continued. “Why’d you do that? What makes you think that that’s OK?”

“It’s not funny,” she said, noting the alleged attacker’s smug smile. “You don’t even f**king know me. Do you hate women or something?”

The man’s friend kept pleading for him to apologize to Lizzy. However, the guy refused to acknowledge the attack, repeatedly asking: “For what?”


TikTok users in the comments were stunned by the alleged assailant’s lack of remorse, and urged the singer to press charges.

“Now why would he do that? And then he sitting there laughing like what’s funny dude,” one person wrote. “It’s the fact his friend kept trying to make him apologize. I know they were so embarrassed to be with him,” another said.

“Press charges. I sue in every way,” a third shared. “This makes so mad! Please press charges,” someone else commented.

In follow-up clips, Lizzy explained that the wig was attached to her real hair, and when the wig was ripped off, the action also pulled her natural strands and caused trauma to her neck. The TikToker also revealed that she called the police and filed a report.

“I did every single thing that certain people have told me to do,” she said in her latest video. “Tuesday, I will take action.”

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