Woman claims Target gave her $200 in food blenders instead of makeup supplies

TikToker IamSofiaBellaTikTok: IamSofiaBella

A woman on TikTok is claiming that Target substituted her order of $40 worth of makeup “beauty blenders” with over $200 worth of name-brand kitchen blenders instead.

An increasing number of stores recently have adopted curbside pickup and delivery options for their customers, including Walmart and Target.

After ordering online, an employee goes out onto the floor and grabs your items and sometimes substitutes out-of-stock items with similar products, like replacing a store brand item with a bigger, name brand.

But TikToker Sofia Bella claims that she hit the motherload with her Target shopper, receiving over $200 in kitchen appliances instead of the $40 worth of “beauty blender” makeup supplies she ordered.

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TikToker claims Target substituted makeup supplies with actual blender

Uploaded on February 15, Sofia’s video has been viewed nearly three million times with thousands of viewers flooding the comments with their thoughts.

“There’s no way that this is real, okay? I just made a Target order. One of the things I ordered is two beauty blenders. Apparently, they were out of beauty blenders and my Target shopper thought they were blenders,” She explained while holding up two boxes.

In each of the boxes is a Ninja brand blender, which according to the Target website goes for just over $100 each. If Sofia ordered Ulta brand beauty blenders, the total would have been roughly $20 a piece.

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She doesn’t make it clear whether or not Target charged her for the blenders or priced matched them to the makeup accessories she ordered.

Viewers quickly reacted to the video in the comments, with many raising questions.

“How do you see the price of a beauty blender and the price of a foodi blender and think that’s a substitute?” one user asked.

Another viewer said: “I used to work at target and we didn’t have the option to do substitutions so that’s weird.”

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