Prominent Pokemon content creators unexpectedly banned on Instagram

Samantha Giambra
Pokemon community bans on instagram

Pokemon content creators, including well-known creator PokeRev, are getting banned on Instagram for seemingly no reason.

A recent Reddit mentioned that even having the term “Poke” within a username might be enough for the platform to ban you, with almost no form of explanation as to why.

Though creators big and small are getting their accounts back relatively quickly, it still begs the question, “Why is this happening in the first place?”

Pokemon content creators left scratching their heads

The issue was first brought to light by none other than PokeRev himself. He posted a picture and YouTube video of the notification Instagram sent when his account was suspended.

PokeRev begins discussing that not only did his account show as suspended, but several other users are complaining that their accounts were permanently deleted without warning from the platform.

The email PokeRev received simply tells him that his content goes against Community Guidelines. And, that he has until January 22, 2024, to respond to the matter before his account gets deleted for good.

PokeRev continued by saying that other creators, such as PokeDean, attempted to appeal this suspension, ending with their account being permabanned.

Though others have had their accounts taken away completely, PokeRev does say that after his appeal, he was granted access back to the platform.

Though all of these accounts are entirely family-friendly, each has been told something that they are doing goes against guidelines.

When attempting to search for a reason, PokeRev was left empty-handed, as there were no answers as to why this was happening in the first place. Though, it is mainly only affecting the Pokemon Community at this time.

One key note that PokeRev wants his viewers to take away is that though they may be tempted to change their handle due to these random bans, they might want to rethink it.

He claims that leaves users such as himself open to impersonation, as their handle would become available to other users after around 14 days.

At the time of writing, there are no definitive answers as to why this is occurring within the Pokemon community.