Why was Adin Ross banned on Twitch? April 20 ban explained

Virginia Glaze
Why was Adin Ross banned on twitch

Streaming star Adin Ross was hit with an indefinite ban from Twitch on April 20 for “hateful conduct” — but no specific instance was given as to why he was banned, in the first place.

Adin Ross is one of the more popular streamers on Twitch.

Boasting over 4 million followers, Ross is best known for streaming games like NBA 2K and GTA, as well as the occasional humorous hijinks with other broadcasters.

While Ross has received several bans from the site in the past, fans were left flabbergasted when he copped an indefinite suspension on April 20. Here’s everything we know about the ban so far.

Adin Ross Twitch ban indefinite
Adin Ross was hit with an indefinite ban from Twitch on April 20.

Adin Ross cops indefinite Twitch ban

Fans were first alerted to the ban when the StreamerBans Twitter account claimed that Ross had been banned from Twitch.

His Twitch page merely shows a message saying his channel is currently unavailable, as is the case with most bans on the site.

A short while later, Ross posted and subsequently deleted a screenshot of an email he’d received from Twitch, which stated that he’d been banned due to “using hateful slurs, hate symbols, or hate group emblems without context or in a harmful manner.”

Adin Ross Twitch ban tweet

Ross himself seemed confused as to why he’d been banned, as no specific instance in his stream had been given as reason for the suspension.

“I got banned on Twitch, indefinitely,” Ross said. “I am not sure what I said though? I’m not sure what I did? It occurred on stream or VOD? I don’t know, man.”

Why did twitch ban Adin Ross indefinitely?

Although no reason for the April 20 ban has yet been given, some viewers are tying the suspension to an incident that took place a week prior.

It was alleged that Ross had uttered a homophobic slur during a stream with fellow broadcaster YourRAGE. However, RAGE has denied these claims, saying the person on the call was a “friend from high school.”

The streamer has received a few Twitch bans in the past — most notably when he was reading his chat while driving during an IRL stream and another when a guest on his broadcast used a homophobic slur.

Ross has not spoken out about his suspension since the 20, leaving fans awaiting answers. Additionally, Twitch does not comment on individual bans.