Why Jake Paul is ending his beef with the Dolan Twins

Virginia Glaze
Jake Paul, YouTube

YouTube stars Jake Paul and the Dolan Twins have officially quashed their years-long feud, which began in 2017 after the Twins accused Paul of taking unwarranted responsibility for their social media stardom.

The Dolan Twins uploaded a YouTube video on May 25, where Grayson surprised brother Ethan with a $40k housewarming gift — which included a surprising appearance from Jake Paul, who helped pull off the wholesome practical joke.

This feature came as a shock to fans, as the Dolan Twins had previously feuded with the youngest Paul brother for seemingly claiming the Twins’ YouTube fame in his memoir, ‘You Gotta Want It.’

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“Jake never tried to sign us,” the Twins said of the subject in an interview with YouTuber Caspar Lee. “There’s something in his book that says something how he… like we were his ‘test experiments,’ and he flew us out to L.A. — which he didn’t.”

“…It was everyone bringing each other up,” the continued, discussing the collaborative ‘vibe’ of the Team 10 house. “I would never say [that] about somebody, even if I did. I didn’t make you, your mom made you. How do you ‘make’ someone?”

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This notably sparked some debate among the YouTubers’ respective fanbases, and it was soon theorized that the content creators weren’t too fond of each other — until recently.

Paul uploaded his own YouTube video that promised to address the topic on May 28, where he and the Twins recreated one of their old collaborative uploads from years and years ago.

The Dolan Twins, YouTube
While Paul and the Dolan Twins notably feuded back in 2017, it seems the group has finally made amends in a surprising turn of events.

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However, the group didn’t exactly discuss their prior drama, likely keeping the details behind doors — but the good news is that both parties appear to be on good terms, with fans sounding off in support in the comments section congratulating their rekindled friendship.

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(Topic begins at 5:40)

That’s not all; the trio even celebrated their reunion with a humorous TikTok, recreating an old photo of theirs to Simple Plan’s upbeat lyrics, “I’m just a kid.”

While fans may never know what prompted the group to make amends, at least they’re back to their old shenanigans — and we’re here for it.

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