Grayson Dolan shocks brother Ethan with emotional $40k prank

Virginia Glaze
The Dolan Twins, YouTube

The Dolan Twins are two of YouTube’s biggest stars, boasting over 10 million subscribers, and are almost always seen together — but what happens when one brother tries to prank the other?

Grayson Dolan found the answer to this question with an elaborate scheme in an attempt to thank his brother Ethan for all his hard work on their fragrance business and YouTube channel.

He explained his plan in a video uploaded on May 25, claiming that he hoped to buy his brother a Rolex watch as a housewarming gift after moving into their new spot together — a luxury item Ethan had been pining after for a long time.

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Ethan Dolan, Instagram
Ethan and Grayson Dolan are YouTube’s top twins – but it turns out that twins don’t always know what their other half is thinking.

The watch in question: a Rolex Cosmograph Daytona. Unfortunately, after multiple attempts to secure the highly-coveted accessory, Grayson’s efforts proved fruitless, until Ethan brought up another watch that had suddenly replaced its number-one spot on his list.

Luckily, Grayson was able to purchase the watch last-minute — a buy that took a $40k blow to his pocketbook, which he made sure to warn his mother about beforehand.

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However, he wasn’t just going to hand the watch over; instead, he enlisted the help of fellow YouTuber Jake Paul and borrowed one of his hotshot vehicles as a front to trick Ethan into thinking he’d bought him a car, instead.

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The Dolan Twins, YouTube
Grayson enlisted the help of Team 10 founder Jake Paul to help pull off his stunning prank, borrowing the YouTuber’s car as a front to confuse his twin.

Excited for the plan, Jake drove Grayson over to their house in the flashy ride, placing the wrapped-up Rolex underneath the car in a box.

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Leading Ethan out to their driveway, Grayson successfully hoodwinked his brother into thinking he’d been gifted a new ride — until Jake popped out from the background, asking if they’d finished borrowing his car for their video.

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He drove out of frame of the camera, revealing the small box that had been tucked beneath the car, which Ethan successfully guessed was the Rolex.

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The Dolan Twins, YouTube
Grayson Dolan succeeded in buying the watch his brother had been pining for, leaving him speechless and threatening to faint.

“I’m gonna cry… I’m literally weak right now!” Ethan shouted upon opening his gift. “No f**king way! …This might be the only time I’ve ever fainted in my entire life.”

“I wanted to tell you that I’ve been feeling guilty lately for not showing you how much I truly appreciate you, as a brother and a business partner,” Grayson replied.

Needless to say, Ethan was truly awed by his brother’s show of appreciation — a massive gift that came on the coattails of a wholesome prank and a blooming career for both YouTubers.

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