TikTok star Nessa Barrett “harassed” after her address leaks

Instagram: nessabarrett

TikTok star Nessa Barrett has called out “rude and weird” people harassing her after her address, her phone number and her parents details were leaked online.

Nessa has been somewhat of a divisive figure on TikTok in 2020, most notably after she was accused of offending the Muslim community as she danced to a reading from the Quran.

That said, the controversy hasn’t halted her progress at all. As of May 28, she has 8.1 million followers on TikTok and 2.2m on Instagram, growing exponentially every day.

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Instagram: nessabarrett
Barrett has had a lot of her and her parents’ personal information leaked.

Regardless of what you think of her videos, though, leaking somebody’s personal contact details is actually illegal in the US, and can cause serious issues for the person being targeted.

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While sometimes the leaked information comes to nothing, when people have a big platform such as Nessa, fans and haters alike will often target the victim for harassment. Nessa has spoken out about the issue, calling those who are invading her privacy and that of her family “rude and weird.”

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In a series of tweets posted on May 27, Nessa asked for people to “stop invading privacy,” adding that “my address has fully been leaked… and now people have constantly been banging on the door and taking videos.”

Nessa later went on Instagram Live to address the issue, explaining what has happened and saying that she’s “stepping in” because now her family are becoming endangered.

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“My home address has been circling around, my family has been getting harassed,” Barrett explained. She also confirmed that she wasn’t at home, so fans showing up to meet her would be disappointed.

It should go without saying that turning up at famous influencers’ houses is almost never a good idea. In December 2019, David Dobrik hit out at fans for showing up at his house, a sentiment commonly shared by top stars.