Why are TikTokers scared of the ‘lesbian breakup curse?’

Kawter Abed
JoJo Siwa and girlfriend

After a recent toll of breakups from lesbian couples on TikTok, the ‘lesbian breakup curse’ has consumed many users’ lives.

It all started when famous queer couple Sedona and Rylee broke up four months after celebrating their one-year anniversary. They announced their split in a viral video which garnered over 8.5 million views before it was eventually deleted.

Then Alissa and Sam, another famed couple on the social media app, quietly announced they had separated. But by the time Avery and Soph broke up, many users on TikTok started to worry that a “lesbian breakup curse” could affect their own relationships too.

An LGBTQ+ TikToker shared a clip, with text over her video that read: “Remixing my attitude to avoid the lesbian breakup curse that’s going around.”

One user commented: “It really is contagious right now isn’t it,” to which the TikToker replied “It’s all over my fyp.”

“Yup. I’m 4 days single today. Good luck out there everyone,” someone else wrote.

Some believe that the supposed curse is why so many popular WLW (women-loving-women) creators have split with their girlfriends in the past few weeks.

Another TikToker went viral with a video questioning why so many lesbian couples are splitting up lately. “Wtf is in the air why are all the tiktok wlw couples breaking up ?!?” she captioned her video.

Someone in the comment section joked that queer icon JoJo Siwa was to blame for the breakup curse. The TikToker replied that “it did start when she said she didn’t like the word lesbian.”

However, most believe the curse started when pop artist Fletcher, name-dropped her ex-girlfriend Shannon Beveridge’s current partner in her new song “Becky’s So Hot.”

The origins of the ‘lesbian breakup curse’

In the song, Fletcher sings “If I were you, I’d probably want to keep her / ‘Cause Becky’s so hot in your vintage T-shirt / Ooh she’s the one I should hate / But I wanna know how she tastes.”

Becky, who’s Shannon’s current partner, was asked on Instagram if Fletcher had permission to write the song about her, to which she responded “no.” The two have since fanned the flames by releasing a limited release of t-shirts with the print ‘Becky’. This was purchased by Fletcher but Shannon responded in turn by refunding the order. 

In the weeks that followed the release of ‘Becky’s So Hot,’ multiple popular WLW couples announced their separations. The most notable ones being Sedona and Rylee, Alissa and Samantha, and Avery and Soph.

The beckyssohot hashtag has over 13 million views on TikTok now, with several users sharing videos explaining the recent “lesbian breakup drama.”