TikTok goes crazy over drama surrounding Fletcher’s new song “Becky’s So Hot”

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The lesbian influencer community is back in the limelight, with Fletcher’s new song “Becky’s So Hot” taking fire at her ex Shannon Beveridge and new girlfriend Becky Missal, sparking much discourse on TikTok. 

Cari Fletcher is an American singer and songwriter who has risen to fame in recent years. She burst onto the scene with her smash hit 2019 single Undrunk. The song managed to reach No.1 on Spotify’s viral chart and became her first song to appear on the Billboard Hot 100. 

On July 13, Fletcher posted a video on her TikTok account, giving her fans a quick 30-second taste of her up-and-coming release, Becky’s So Hot.

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While only a short snippet of the song, the lyrics are already causing a storm online: “Are you in love like we were? If I were you, I’d probably keep her. Makes me wanna hit her when I see her, ‘cause Becky’s so hot in your vintage t-shirt.”

These lyrics now have fans speculating that it is all about the current girlfriend of her ex, Shannon Beveridge.

Shannon is an openly gay influencer who gained popularity in the 2010s via her YouTube channel, Nowthisisliving. The channel was her space to talk about her life and she was open in talking about her coming out journey and what it was like growing up gay in a conservative area like Texas. She would also host collabs with many other popular queer YouTubers such as Rose and Rosie and Ally Hills.

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Shannon’s first public relationship with fellow influencer Cammie Scott was widely featured on her channel and fans would tune in weekly to watch the two. They did sadly break up in 2016, and Shannon has since gone on to continue her YouTube channel while also branching out in photography and filmmaking.

Shannon and Fletcher’s relationship and how Becky fits into the drama 

Shannon and Fletcher drama boy imagethenetline
Shannon and Fletcher were a popular couple in the lesbian community with fans following the two closely

After ending the relationship with Cammie Scott, Shannon then went on to date Fletcher. Beveridge then became much more private about her love life and personal relationships, however fans soon discovered that she was dating singer Fletcher. 

The two never actually confirmed that they were dating. A 2020 Teen Vogue piece about the two discusses how “though the duo are each famous in their own right and have built their careers on being open with fans about their identities as queer people and creators, they never confirmed or denied their status to fans while their relationship was still intact.”

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However, it is believed that they were dating from 2017 to 2020. Their relationship allegedly ended when the global health crisis was at its peak. Despite their break-up, Beveridge still filmed and directed the music video for Fletcher’s song “Sex (with my ex)”. 

Now in 2022, Shannon has a new long-time girlfriend, Becky Missal. The two have been dating for a while, with Shannon once again secluding more into privacy. Fletcher, on the other hand, has continued to grow in popularity and is currently on a world tour.

However, Shannon Beveridge now finds herself back in the spotlight due to Fletcher’s new song. And while it appears Shannon and her current girlfriend Becky are not happy about the song or the situation, the lesbian community is living for the drama.

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Community response and the fallout 

LGBTQ+ TikTok users have been vigorously posting reactions about this reveal. Reigniting conversation about Fletcher’s past relationship with Beveridge in the process. Some users have commented on the initial TikTok stating “Fletcher is unhinged for this.” One TikToker even asked for lesbian YouTuber couple Rose and Rosie to do a reaction video to the song and the subsequent drama. 

The news has also been trending on Twitter and Instagram. Responses from Shannon and Becky, while simple, have only been adding fuel to the fire. Despite Shannon not coming out properly and acknowledged the situation, she has unfollowed Fletcher on Instagram and deleted any old photos of the two that remained on her social media platforms.

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She posted on Twitter what appears to be a very pointed message to Fletcher. The tweet simply reads “an empath would never.”

Some fans were theorising that this was all a publicity stunt. That Shannon and Becky are in on the song and had agreed to play along. 

On Becky’s latest Instagram post, one user asked outright, “did you and Shannon give the thumbs up for fletcher to write her new song about y’all?” Becky was quick to shut that idea down, replying with a simple “no”.

The lesbian community, as well as the wider queer fans, have been expressing their support for Becky who somehow has ended up in the middle of a situation she shouldn’t be in. While some people think Fletcher’s actions are simply fun and silly, others are pointing out just how damaging they might be.

The full version of Becky’s So Hot drops later in July. The drama surrounding Fletcher’s new song is likely to continue to grow on TikTok when it releases.