Why are people peeling raw eggs on TikTok? Bizarre trend explained

Lawrence Scotti
tiktok egg

TikTok users are peeling raw eggs in new strange trend that is the most recent to take over the video and streaming app — and here is everything you need to know about it.

TikTok is known for its frequent and often strange viral trends that take over the platform on a weekly basis.

This newest might be the most bizarre in a long time, as users on the app are now peeling raw eggs.

TikTok raw eggs explained

Akin to ASMR,  the raw egg peeling videos utilize tools like toothpicks and tweezers and show just how long this strange exercise can take.

The painstakingly long process has captivated even the most popular of content creators like YouTube star Ludwig, who posted a video about how consumed with the trend he became.

TikTok user Thomas Salwasser has dedicated his entire page to peeling raw eggs and hosting livestreams peeling the raw eggs, which can take hours.

The new trend has helped him notch over 350,000 followers on the platform, videos accompanied by popular TikTok audio sounds that have the word “egg” dubbed into them.


Be wary of undertaking the raw egg peeling challenge, as we learned from the Ludwig video, it may take you dozens and dozens of tries and a lot of wasted eggs in the process.


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