Who is Hasbulla? The ‘Mini Khabib’ taking over TikTok

Instagram: Hasbulla

Hasbulla Magomedov garnered a huge online following for his child-like appearance. But who exactly is Hasbulla? Here’s everything you need to know about the social media influencer.

Hasbulla, who’s become known as ‘Mini Khabib’ after fellow Russian and retired UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, has had multiple clips amass millions of views that propelled him to online stardom.

His account ‘hasbulla_’ on Instagram started posting videos featuring Hasbulla in November 2020 with numerous clips getting hundreds of thousands of views.

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From there, his fame has extended from the ‘gram to TikTok, where he’s since been appearing on a lot of people’s FYP as his following has grown.

What does Hasbulla usually post?

hasbulla_ Instagram
Hasbulla is a growing celebrity in some of his MMA circles.

Hasbulla’s crew is a part of the Russian combat sports scene, with a lot of videos seeing him spar off against other people about his size. He’s apparently become a cult figure within his local MMA communities in Russia.

Some of the videos like to show Hasbulla doing seemingly dangerous things, as his Instagram and TikTok following has come to expect from the online celeb.

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Though he started out on Instagram, he’s been exploding on TikTok and has been enjoying his newfound fame.

How old is Hasbulla?

Hasbulla was born in 2003 and is 20 years old. He stands at 3′ 3”, or just over one meter in height.

The internet star has a condition that makes him look a lot younger than his actual age. The condition is commonly referred to as ‘dwarfism’ and can stem from a number of different disorders or related conditions.

Who is Hasbulla from TikTok?

Hasbulla is a trending TikToker and Instagram blogger from Makhachkala, Russia.

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He’s believed to have a genetic disorder similar to dwarfism, although it’s unclear what specific condition he has. He measures over three feet tall and has a higher pitch to his voice.

From the videos that have gone viral, Hasbulla partakes in antics that show him struggling with animals to showcasing the motorhead side of his hobbies.

Hasbulla’s viral video that launched TikTok, Insta fame

While he’s been getting viral on TikTok, Hasbulla has been a common face on Instagram where one video instantly made him a trending name.

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On February 27, he published a clip that showed Hasbulla landing a right jab on his unsuspecting friends before promptly running away.

Since then, Hasbulla punching famous people has become somewhat of a running joke between him and the people he meets. There are clips of him punching Shaq and even Khabib uploaded a video with well over 1 million views titled “taking a hard punch from Hasbulla.”

Hasbulla celebrity boxing match drama

Hasbulla and Abdu Rozik, a Russian entertainer reportedly with the same condition, have been feuding to the point where it seemed there was going to be a celebrity boxing match between the two.

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However, the Russian Dwarf Athletic Association came out to say the fight was “unethical.”

The TikToker even turned down an event offer from Rozik for 7 million Rubles (about $68,000 USD). Hasbulla reportedly wanted a payout of about 20 million Rubles (about $286,000 USD) and the two sides never came to an agreement.

Hasbulla has talked UFC

Hasbulla’s fighting career may have hit a snag but apparently, the online influencer had some talks with UFC President Dana White over a potential bout in the future.

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Though the young TikToker has the UFC boss’s number in his contacts, Hasbulla’s team aren’t sure that an actual fight will ever come to pass.

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