Hasbullah turns down 7m Abdu Rozik fight offer in insane payout demand

hasbullah vs abdu rozikInstagram: tamaaev

Hasbullah Magomedov and Abdu Rozik have become two of the internet’s favorite fighters despite not having faced off yet, and it turns out the payout demands are getting pretty big.

Hasbullah became known as “Mini Khabib” online, with comparisons to UFC legend Khabib Nurmagomedov and a host of viral videos that have spread from his native Russia across the globe.

He and Rozik — who both suffer from Dwarfism — have had an ongoing beef for months, with fight plans in the works but nothing set in stone just yet.

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According to a new post online from Asxab Tamaev, Hasbullah’s promoter and an MMA fighter himself, Hasbullah is holding out for more than double the money being offered.

While discussions are clearly still ongoing regarding the fight, Hasbullah has reportedly turned down a multi-million rubles (Russian currency) fight offer.

Tamaev posted a photo to Instagram of himself with both Hasbullah and Rozik, explaining that Hasbullah has already rejected one offer.

“Abdu Rozik is ready to fight for free,” the (translated) Instagram post says. “Hasbik refused 7 million Rubles and asked for 20 million Rubles!”

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20 million Russian Rubles converts to approximately $286,000, so it’s not quite the big money fight other influencers like Logan and Jake Paul are demanding.

That said, there’s clearly interest in it, with both Hasbullah and Abdu commanding huge fanbases online since going viral, with millions of followers across both official and fan pages on various social media sites.

When they ultimately fight off and, of course, how much the fighters will get paid, remains to be seen. But it goes without saying that there’s going to be some serious pride and money on the table.

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