Who is Amouranth? The streamer taking Twitch by storm

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While the majority of Twitch’s most-watched channels are gaming related, some of the biggest personalities are variety streamers like Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa – the streamer that is rapidly taking the platform by storm.

Amouranth is a jack of all trades as her young career has seen her jump from costume design to modeling, and successfully launching one of the most popular channels on Twitch in just under three years.

Even before she was banned on September 9 due to a wardrobe accident, the streaming personality was quickly rising in the ranks due to her variety broadcast, and was in the top three most popular females behind Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys. But her career actually started before Twitch.

Instagram: AmouranthThe popular Twitch personality models on Instagram for her 1.7 million followers.

Amouranth’s origin in cosplay and costume design

According to her website’s bio, the Twitch streamer first started out doing cosplay in 2010 and was self-taught designing costumes in high school. Having aspirations, she started to attend conventions and grow her skills as she took commissions.

While many today know her from her modeling on Instagram and Snapchat, the 25-year-old spent years perfecting some pretty accurate gaming related cosplay and was even hired by Houston Grand Opera and Houston Ballet to create costumes for their productions.

kaitlynsiragusa.com / MINERALBLU photographyAmouranth got her start doing cosplay.

In 2015, the Texas-based streamer started her own business called “A Charmed Affair” where she took all of her experience as a cosplayer, and created a company that focused on making costumes for children.

In the short time since launching her business, it was featured on TLC’s reality tv show ‘The Little Couple’ and Amouranth herself made an appearance on the show as Elsa’s younger sister Anna from Disney’s hit animation ‘Frozen’.

Amouranth’s rise on Twitch

Amouranth changed the direction of her career when she started her Twitch channel in 2016, and began to model on Instagram the very same year.  She quickly became popular due to her ‘Just Dance’ streams and her ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) content, where millions tune in to watch her whisper and talk in a low voice which some find pleasurable.

The model had already amassed close to 800,000 followers on the streaming platform by the end of 2018, but it was her ban on September 9 that propelled her even further as she’s now blown far past 1 million followers.

During her livestream, the popular personality was rolling on the floor when she had a wardrobe slip that exposed her nether regions several times, which resulted in her channel being suspended.

While her ban only lasted till September 12, the streamer saw a 50% increase in her followers, and it pushed her into being second fastest growing channel in September according to TwitchMetrics.

Twitch: AmouranthThe variety streamer was banned on September 9 after she had a wardrobe malfunction.

The variety streamer has been criticized in the past for the outfits she wears and during her September 15 stream, she hit back at her detractors and defended herself against accusations of using “thirsty boys” for money.

“You don’t even know me. Before I started streaming, I had a charity organization already – going to hospital visits as princesses to kids who have cancer. The entire reason why I’m streaming right now is to open up a rescue ranch to give much more later on when it actually matters, okay?”

Gaming outlet Kotaku previously interviewed the Twitch star back in January where she admitted that she was aware that she made people angry, and likes to get views off them.

“If I’m feeling really sassy, I can act like I’m super offended and make them think they won. Then they post that clip on Reddit and YouTube and I get more views,” Amouranth said.

Whether you love her or hate her, Amouranth has proven that she knows how to drive views and has made many moves in her career that shows she is business savvy, as her Twitch channel currently boosts over 1.4 million followers with no signs of slowing down.

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