Survivor Season 44: Who are the castaways?

Josh Tyler
Survivor 44 Cast

Survivor Season 44 will pit 18 contestants against themselves in a battle to outwit, outplay, and outlast each other.

The newest season of Survivor will feature an all-new cast who are attempting to navigate the twists, turns, and betrayals of the island.

How entertaining a season ends up being largely depends on the mix of people that join the cast, so fans of Survivor are hopeful that these participants will include enough wild characters and savvy game players to make this one of the most memorable seasons yet.

Here is what we know about the Survivor Season 44 contestants.

The castaways of Survivor Season 44

Survivor 44 Tika
Will a member of the Tika tribe be the Sole Survivor?

Tika tribe

Carolyn Wiger

Carolyn is a drug counselor who has overcome addiction, which she believes has prepared her for the game of Survivor. She values authentic connections and interactions with their alliance partners and says she wants to form deeper bonds beyond just strategy.

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho

Yam Yam is a salon owner from Puerto Rico. He has been dreaming of playing Survivor since he was 13 years old and wants to prove he has the physical and mental strength to win. Yam Yam identifies his game with Cirie Fields and believe he will win Survivor because the stars have aligned for him.

Carson Garrett

Carson is is a 20-year-old NASA Engineering Student from Atlanta, Georgia with a strong strategic background. He has obsessively studied the evolution of game theory within Survivor, which he believes will help him win the game. Carson plans to use his emotional intelligence, logical mind, and kindness to become the youngest Survivor winner and bring home the million-dollar check.

Bruce Perreault

Bruce has a competitive and energetic personality, which he thinks may help him in challenges. He values loyalty in an alliance partner and wants to work with someone who sees Survivor as a game.

Sarah Wade

Sarah is a strategic and driven management consultant from Chicago who loves to be outdoors, play beach volleyball, and eat raw food. She believes she can be a bold and badass player who understands the game and people well enough to become the Sole Survivor.

Helen Li

Helen has been a long-time fan of Survivor and sees it as the ultimate challenge. She values loyalty in an alliance partner and plans to adapt her game to the dynamics at play to pull the strings without anyone realizing it’s her.

Survivor 44 Soka
Is the Season 44 winner on the Soka tribe?

Soka tribe

Claire Rafson

Claire is a a 25-year-old tech investor from Highland Park, Illinois. She has dreamed of being on Survivor since she was four years old and thinks growing up as a queer, black Jewish woman prepared her for the social and strategic game of Survivor. She values loyalty in an alliance partner and identifies most with past winners Michele Fitzgerald and Natalie Anderson.

Matt Blankinship

Matt is a 27-year-old security software engineer from Albany, California and believes that failing at things, such as getting into college and getting a job, has prepared him for the game of Survivor. He values open and frank communication in an alliance partner and aspires to combine the listening and consensus-building skills of Yul with the goofiness and energy of Maryanne.

Danny Massa

Danny is a NYC firefighter who values kindness and compassion. He is proud of his work as a firefighter and considers being kind as his greatest accomplishment. He says that his mother and sister are his biggest inspirations, as they both faced significant challenges and overcame them with strength and resilience.

Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt

Heidi is a first-generation immigrant who had to learn and adapt to a new country on her own, and believes that the resilience and resourcefulness that forged could help her in the game. She is inspired by Sandra and Angelina from previous seasons, indicating she may try to play a strategic and empowering game.

Josh Wilder

Josh has faced numerous challenges throughout his life, including a medical condition and cancer, but has persevered and achieved success. As a surgical podiatrist, he has honed his ability to quickly build trust and rapport with new people.

Frannie Marin

Frannie is a research coordinator from Cambridge, Massachusetts. She identifies most with Gabby and Aubry, and values an alliance partner who talks through every possible outcome. She is proud of getting a perfect score on the MCAT and believes her enthusiasm and adaptability makes her a strong contender to be the Sole Survivor.

Survivor 44 Ratu
Will someone on the Ratu tribe take home the million dollar prize?

Ratu tribe

Lauren Harpe

Lauren believes that becoming a single parent has prepared her for the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of the game. She sees herself as a quiet strategist who may resemble past contestants like Erika or Natalie, and believes her personality will make her a strong competitor and potential Sole Survivor.

Maddy Pomilla

Maddy is a 28-year-old charity projects manager from Huntingtown, Maryland who describes herself as brave, friendly, and “feral.” She values practicality, open-mindedness, and a sense of humor in an alliance partner, and believes that her ability to thrive in chaos will make her the Sole Survivor.

Matthew Grinstead-Mayle

Matthew has a love for the outdoors and has a unique childhood that taught him to love nature and people. His biggest inspiration is his husband, and he attributes his success to his family.

Jaime Lynn Ruiz

Being on Survivor is a lifelong dream for Jaime Lynn, who believes her experience working in corporate America has prepared herself for the social game of Survivor. She values loyalty in an alliance partner and will prioritize relationship-building in the game.

Kane Fritzler

Kane is a self-proclaimed gamer and has been watching Survivor since he was young. His biggest inspiration is his mother, who taught him the importance of family and is the strongest person he knows.

Brandon Cottom

Brandon is an easygoing and confident security specialist from Newtown, Pennsylvania, with a background in professional football. He values good communication and predictability in an alliance partner and is most proud of playing for the Seattle Seahawks.

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