Who has left Deal or No Deal Island? All eliminated contestants

Areesha Khan

Deal or No Deal Island made a comeback this February, and with eliminations happening each episode – here are all the contestants who did not make it to the end to win the prize.

Season 1 of the new NBC game show spin-off, Deal or No Deal Island, hit our TV screens on February 26 with 13 new contestants and two Banker’s Assistants.

Deal Or No Deal Island was announced to divert a little from its original format where one contestant will get eliminated each episode.

The series features tough competition including the RHOA alum Claudia Jordan and the Survivor legend Boston Rob. Here are all the contestants who did not make it to the finale of Deal or No Deal Island Season 1.

Brantzen Wong

Deal or No Deal Island's Brantzen Wong
Deal or No Deal Island’s Brantzen Wong

The young vlogger and poker player, Brantzen, was the first to be eliminated during the game show. This happened while he made an emotional decision to help out the 63-year-old contestant, Kim Mattina – however, as Brantzen was eliminated, Kim ended up winning the episode with a $1 million briefcase.

Jamil Sipes

Deal or No Deal Jamil Spies
Deal or No Deal Island’s Jamil Spies

The podcaster and host, Jamil Sipes, was second to go off the Banker’s Island while playing the hunter-and-gatherer challenge in episode 2.

Episode 1’s winner Kim was chosen to confront the Banker and she emerged victorious in the challenge. She went on to eliminate Jamil from the competition.

Claudia Jordan

deal or no deal island claudia jordan
Claudia Jordan on Deal or No Deal poster

Everyone’s favorite model and RHOA alum, Claudia Jordan, did not make it very far into the competition as she was eliminated during episode 3. The Housewife had a brave face-off with the Banker who offered her a deal of $180,000 – however, her case had $500,000 so she was eliminated for making a bad deal.

Kim Mattina

Deal or No Deal Kim Mattina
Deal or No Deal Kim Mattina

The Sequester Access alum, Kim Mattina, was the fourth to leave Banker’s Island. Kim was the player contestant Brantzen Wong sacrificed his elimination for during episode 1. Unfortunately, she was eliminated two episodes later as Rob’s choice.

Miranda Harrison

While she didn’t walk away with the win, after accepting The Banker’s offer, she walked away from the competition with $40,000 more in the bank. So her reality TV debut wasn’t for nothing.

Alyssa Klinzing

Alyssa, who managed to plot and successfully get Kim eliminated from the competition, got eliminated herself in Episode 7. Her exit just goes to show that karma works twice as fast when it comes to shows like this.

Dawson Addis

While he was eliminated from the competition, it was a result of his own actions. Specifically, he accepted the offer to voluntarily walk away from the season in exchange for pocketing $100,000. A six-figure prize all for himself? Losing doesn’t seem to be that bad.

Nick Grasso

Even though he was eliminated in Episode 9, Nick said in an exit interview that he would love to continue his reality TV on The Challenge. Only time will tell if that dream comes true.

Aron Barbell

Speaking of keeping his reality TV journey going, Aron is interested in starring in The Traitors. After managing to stay in this competition until finishing in fifth place, he should make a great impression on The Traitors’ casting department.

Rob Mariano


Arguably the most recognizable contestant from the entire season, Boston Rob was the first to be eliminated in the finale episode. Before the episode aired, viewers were already sharing their two cents on whether they thought his Survivor background would help or hurt him in this competition. Apparently, the latter were right.

Dr. Stephanie Mitchell

Dr Stephanie of Deal or No Deal Island

She took a break from her successful career in the health industry, but that sacrifice didn’t equal taking home the win.

Amy Mccoy

Amy McCoy Deal or No Deal

Dubbed the villain of Season 1 by viewers, Amy made it clear that she didn’t go into the competition in the hopes of making friends-she only had her eyes on the prize.

“I don’t care who likes me. I don’t care who doesn’t like me. I’m here for my friends and family. And that’s what I did,” she told NBC.

Winner- Jordan Fowler

Jordan Flower from Deal Or No Deal

Not only did she earn the bragging rights of being the inaugural winner of the series, but Jordan managed to take home the cash prize that ended up being the jaw-dropping amount of $1.23 million dollars.