Music for the damned: Why Corpse Husband’s songs are so inspiring

Corpse Husband opinion featureCorpse Husband

Corpse Husband may have gained his fame through his Among Us content on YouTube, but the faceless sensation also has a blossoming musical career chock full of songs that are equal parts hilarious and inspiring. 

If there’s one thing I never grew out of, it’s that early teenage goth phase.

Determined to flip the bird at the system and become a rebel without a cause, Corpse Husband embodies everything that our former emo selves aspired to be. The faceless YouTube sensation has evaded our eyes for so long, and that seems to be why people are so obsessed with him.

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My relationship with Corpse is a little more complex, though. While writing this article provided initial insight, it’s his music that snatched this writer’s undivided attention.

corpse husband agoraphobic planeTwitter: @WESTCOASTC0RPSE
People have rented planes to flaunt Corpse’s music to the world, so why are we so obsessed?

The invisible virtuoso reinventing the wheel

Most of us have a pretty extensive Spotify playlist, but when Corpse comes on you automatically know who it is, and that’s not just because of the voice.

Corpse’s music has a guttural sound quite unlike any other artist. Influenced by the iconic screaming of Bring Me The Horizon mixed with the creepiness and depth of Marilyn Manson, the lyrics are an artistic blend of Tenacious D’s humor and Oli Sykes’ hard hitting analogies.

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The heavy bass coupled with the generally spooky sounds that accompany it don’t just make it stand out from the pack. It makes it quintessentially Corpse Husband.

The ability to translate your entire personality into music is a gift. Aspiring musicians really should take a leaf out of the YouTuber’s book.

Corpse HusbandCorpse Husband
Corpse’s ephemeral tunes are perfect for a night time drive in a werewolf infested forest.

“Don’t call me that, I’m not a weeb”

Another aspect of his music that future superstars should pick up on are the lyrics. Sure, you probably shouldn’t drop his tracks on the playlist for your yearly family gathering, but some of his lines are absolutely hilarious.

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Full of anime references and a sprinkling of memes, the way that he threads together fun themes with dark, ominous-sounding backbeats is a talent his contemporaries should be envious of.

Songs like ‘Cat Girls are Ruining my Life,’ as well as ‘E-Girls are Ruining My Life,‘ have garnered their impressive listener count for a reason. With quips such as “make a stack, PepeLaugh, got all of these b**ches mad,” and “Gaspare told me kill it, I said, ‘Let me grab my Death Note,'” you can’t help but crack a smile.

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However, I’m not liable for any offense caused to your grandma.

Valkyrae as Corpse Husband in Daywalker music video with Machine Gun KellyYouTube: MGK
100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae took on the role of Corpse in DAYWALKER!

The darker side of Corpse Husband’s songs

It’s not all fun and games with Corpse, though. A lot of what’s explored in his music gives us a deep dive into the mental illnesses that consume the YouTuber’s every waking moment.

‘Agoraphobia,’ named after the fear of travelling outside of a ‘safe space,’ is a tragic tale of a human being fraught with anxiety. ‘Never Satisfied’ deals directly with feelings of never being good enough. ‘Miss You’ tackles the harsh reality of breakups that Taylor Swift never wanted you to see. The list goes on.

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YouTubers often present a polished facade online, that in turn “inspires” young people to be just like them. Unlike others, Corpse presents a real person, with real issues. In this way, he’s a beacon of hope for those suffering from mental health issues; a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

While he might not see himself that way, it’s the truth. People love Corpse’s music because it’s relatable. We understand it, understand it.

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Corpse HusbandTwitter: CORPSE
While the future looks bright for Corpse musically, he’ll be continuing down the path to darkness.

Corpse Husband’s songs are built to inspire

And that’s why I’ve grown to love Corpse Husband. It’s not the deep voice. It’s not the anime X Donnie Darko image we see. It’s not even his YouTube videos. It’s because he’s humanity in its rawest form.

In a world of perfection, Corpse makes us proud to be the fly in the ointment. He proves that we’re not alone, and in turn, we let him know he’s not alone. He’s let us know how much fan support means on Twitter. While initially it might look symbiotic, it’s what a lot of people need to heal.

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I’m excited to see where he goes next, especially considering the nature of the musical teaser he dropped on Twitter in April. In fact, the edge of the seat is pretty worn out by now.

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