What is TikTok’s viral step 1 trend?

Kawter Abed
TikTok step 1

The ‘step 1’ trend has gone viral on TikTok as it gives users the chance to help others out. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Trends and challenges that blow up on TikTok are often times comical and entertaining. Recently, however, a helpful and thoughtful trend has been taking over the social media app.

The ‘step 1’ trend is popping off right now, as it allows users the chance to help out or guide others. Several people who have tried this trend have amassed thousands, and even millions of views and likes.

TikTok’s viral step 1 trend explained

It’s very simple. The step 1 trend lets users express themselves, and provide others with thoughtful advice they have learned, or wish they implemented into their own lives sooner.

To take part in the trend, you have to add a photo or a video of yourself for one second at the start of your video using the sound ‘step 1 remix by sleazyworld go‘ by Arzinho10. The sound says the words “step one” in a deep tone.

Right after your one-second clip or picture is added, you can edit in a video collage of any topic you want to cover.

In Arzinho10’s original video, which gained over 2.1 million views, he advises people to treat the person they’re dating right.


Actress Skai Jackson went viral with 11.2 million views, as she shared an iconic clip of Nicki Minaj telling her fans: “Whatever you hear about me from now on, believe it. Believe that sh*t.”

TikTok user swirlyadrian1’s step 1 is graduating on time. He added text over the video that says: “Graduate. Don’t mess up and sit out while your friends graduating.”

In the video, the user is sitting in the stands and filming the seats where classmates would soon be walking the stage.

So far, over 200,000 videos have been shared using the ‘step 1 remix’ sound. The step1 hashtag currently has a whopping 456 million views, and is filled with TikTokers offering useful advice to others.