What is TikTok Trivia & how do you get rid of the pop-up?

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TikTok has introduced ‘TikTok Trivia’ which will allow users to participate in challenges, but some have reported issues with the pop-up for the event. Here’s everything to know about what TikTok Trivia is.

On February 16, TikTok announced ‘TikTok Trivia,’ an event with, “5 days of interactive TikTok Trivia presented by Lionsgate and John Wick Chapter 4,” starting February 22.

TikTok explained: “Starting February 22, you can tune into the official @TikTok account to participate in trivia challenges and interact with host, actor, and TikTok creator James Henry, known for his creative skits and quirky videos.”

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Starting February 16, anyone aged 18 or older in the US can register for the event, and each day you will have the opportunity to win cash from the $500k prize pool.

TikTok goes on to say: “The first three days of trivia will include two sessions per day at 5-6 pm PT/8-9 ET and 6-7 pm PT/9-10 pm ET. Each session will have several rounds of trivia questions where you can select answers from multiple-choice options.”

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They explain that for a chance to win a share of the prize money, you have to answer all the questions correctly.

How to get rid of TikTok Trivia pop-up

After the event was announced, some tablet TikTok users reported an issue where a pop-up advertising the event would appear on their screens, and they didn’t appear to have any way to exit it.

However, some users reported that the issue appeared to be when they were viewing TikTok in landscape mode, and that if they turned their device to portrait mode, they would then be able to exit the pop-up.

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Additionally, you might notice a smaller pop-up at the side of your screen while browsing your For You Page. You can exit this simply by tapping the ‘X’ icon, but you may have to close it more than once each time you open the app.

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