What is the viral ‘Kiss Hoodie’ DIY trend on TikTok?

Viral TikTok kiss hoodie trendTikTok: lauraassar

TikTok users are making ‘Kiss Hoodies’ for their boyfriends as part of a viral trend on the platform — here’s everything you need to know about it.

There are new trends constantly going viral on TikTok, including plenty of DIY crafts that get hundreds, even thousands of people to recreate the trend for themselves.

One craft trend that has been going viral on the app since December 2022, and is seeing a spike in popularity ahead of Valentine’s Day, is the ‘Kiss Hoodie’ or ‘Kissing Hoodie’ craft.

As part of the trend, people will get a plain hoodie for their partner, which can be any color but is usually black or white, and they use fabric paint to create a white square on the front of the garment, keeping the edges straight with tape.

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After drying the first layer of paint, people will put bright red paint on their lips, or any color of their choosing, and cover the white square with kisses (warning: If you attempt this trend yourself, please ensure you use non-toxic paint.)

Then, users peel off the tape to reveal a neat square underneath, and they seal the design using an iron over parchment paper.

Users trying this trend have garnered millions of likes and views for their videos, with one user, lauraassar, getting over 36 million views for her video featuring the craft.

Hundreds of viewers have said that they want to try the DIY out for themselves, calling the gift “cute,” with some even saying that they want to make one for themselves instead of a partner. The trend has inspired many people to make their own versions of the hoodie, experimenting with different designs.

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