What is the TikTok Whisper Method trend?

Emma Hill
TikTok creators teaching the Whisper Method with TikTok logo

TikTok creators across the platform have been raving about the bizarre ‘Whisper Method’ trend which they claim allows users to send secret messages to people through their psyche.

TikTok is a hub of bizarre trends and methods some of which have been flat-out proven to be false others have magically worked users.

Who can forget the supposed health boosting ‘spa water’ trend? Or, the Chipotle burrito bowl life hack to help keep food deliveries fresh in the fridge?

However, the new ‘Whisper Method’ trend on the platform is causing more of a mixed reaction among viewers. Yet many are also claiming it helped them get some much-wanted attention from their crushes.

Whisper Method trend goes viral on TikTok

Various TikTokers have gone viral thanks to their experiences with the ‘Whisper Method’ and have gone on to teach their learnings to their followers.

One is creator ‘auravibin‘ who detailed how exactly the method works but she warned viewers to “use this at your own risk because it does really work.” She also said that viewers have to enter “the dream-like state” from the a “space of love for everyone involved” the method.

“First of all, you want to picture the person sleeping,” she explained. “While they’re sleeping, you want to imagine yourself in the room with them. Walk up to their bed slowly. Go up to one side of their body. Whisper in their ear what you want to tell them.”

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Then, the user has to repeat the message into their intended other’s ear and finish it off by giving them a peck on their forehead near their “third eye.”

Some viewers claimed that the method worked beautifully for them trying to get their crushes attention. For instance, one claimed: “I tried it and he is literally obsessed with me right now.”

However, others were less successful, even though they “tried with stronger and real intention and it didn’t work.” Yet, auravibin encouraged them not to give up.

Results using the Whisper Method are still mixed according to viewers. Although, it certainly paid off well for some users hoping to manifest their wants.

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