What is the ‘Helicopter Helicopter’ trend taking over TikTok? Viral song explained

Virginia Glaze
TikTok Helicopter Helicopter viral trend explained
Unsplash.com: Victor B / TikTok: mistermainer

The ‘Helicopter Helicopter’ trend is taking over TikTok right now — but what exactly is the meme about, and where does the trend’s accompanying song come from?

TikTok is the birthplace of numerous viral memes and trends. From putting songs on the Billboard Hot 100 to convincing users around the globe to try a hyped-up pasta recipe, it’s safe to say that TikTok is the place where a simple video can become a cultural phenomenon.

That being said, a new trend is taking over the viral video app — and it involves a catchy Bosnian song paired with some pretty chaotic situations.

What is TikTok’s ‘Helicopter Helicopter’ meme?

The latest meme taking over TikTok is called the ‘Helicopter Helicopter’ trend.

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Essentially, the trend tasks users with spinning *something* around and around, in the style of helicopter blades — but the prompt is left pretty open-ended, making for some seriously creative videos.

The trend is paired with a song from Bosnian artist Fazlija, called ‘Helikopter.’ The song was first published to YouTube in 2015, and details the singer’s love for a beautiful woman, telling her that he’ll send a helicopter and throw money into the sky just for a chance at romancing with her.

Best Helicopter Helicopter TikToks

This trend is a fairly creative one — users have joined in on the trend in a multitude of ways, with some spinning themselves around on a kitchen countertop to recording their English bull terrier wearing a propeller beanie.

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Others, however, pair the song with classic memes from the Vine age — one notable video being a youngster whose go-kart spun out of control on the racing track.

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Whatever way you slice it, it’s clear that this particular song is making for some hilarious moments and sparking some serious creativity on TikTok, and there’s no telling where the trend will go next.