What does ‘standing on business’ mean on TikTok?

Kawter Abed
What does ‘standing on business’ mean on TikTok?TIKTOK: therealbigjr, areiondamilf

While using TikTok, or other social media platforms, you might have encountered the phrase “standing on business.” But what does this mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

Short-form video app TikTok is home to millions of users from across the world who are constantly uploading and engaging with different types of content.

As with most social media platforms, TikTok has ended up with its own set of slang terms, acronyms, and phrases that are frequently used in videos, messages, and hashtags.

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One of these phrases is ‘standing on business,’ and if you’re an avid user, you might have seen it in either video captions or text overlays from a variety of different creators. But exactly what does it mean? Here’s everything to know.

Standing on business meaning on TikTok

According to Urban Dictionary, ‘standing on business’ means to “take care of your responsibilities, practice what you preach, or show that you mean what you say/you can back up your claims.”

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It’s a way of emphasizing one’s commitment to their goals and actions. When someone says they’re “standing on business,” they’re conveying that they are handling their stuff and not messing around.

There are many ways to use this catchy phrase. For example, a TikToker might post a video of themselves studying for an exam while saying, “I’m out here standing on business, no distractions!”

Or, someone sharing their fitness journey could use the phrase to convey their dedication, saying, “Gym every day, no excuses. I’m really standing on business.”

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Although it frequently pops up on TikTok, you may also see the slang used across a whole range of different social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

If there are any other phrases or slang terms on TikTok that you don’t know the meaning of, you can check out our guide here to learn all about the most popular words on the app.

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