xQc's mom won't stop sneaking into his room while he's streaming and it's hilarious - Dexerto

xQc’s mom won’t stop sneaking into his room while he’s streaming and it’s hilarious

Published: 17/Dec/2018 9:47 Updated: 17/Dec/2018 9:55

by David Purcell


There’s nothing worse than somebody coming in your room and distracting you from playing video games, but xQc’s mom takes things to a whole other level. 

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Clips of the Canadian Twitch streamer visibly irritated on more than one occasion have been making the rounds online as he catches his mom crawling around his room. 

His mother, who clearly thought her funny tactic would keep her out of shot, couldn’t be any more noticeable as viewers saw a mysterious hand appear in the corner of the screen to give the professional player some food. 

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The streamer was playing the role-playing game Bloodborn at the time, and didn’t look very happy about his mom’s unexpected cameo. 

When he realized she was in the room, xQc took a moment away from the game, removed his headset and spoke with her on one occasion. He looked pretty embarrassed by the whole thing. 

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xQc, who rose to fame for his Overwatch exploits, has recently distanced himself from the game’s community. 

“Overwatch is the most ungrateful, dogshit, entitled, SJW, quote-unquote want to have it both ways, piece of shit community,” the streamer told viewers. 


“I am eternally saddened that Blizzard has to deal with and reform such a complete, retarded, piece of garbage, flaming hot shit of a community”. 

It’s unknown as to whether the 23-year old will return to the game in the future, but – if he does – we can imagine some people hope to see his mom feature in a few of his videos again while he’s streaming.