KEEMSTAR Admits He Has Changed His Mind About KSI vs Logan Paul Result

Matt Porter

Drama Alert host and YouTube star Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem has admitted that he’s changed his mind about who won the fights at the KSI vs Logan Paul event.

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In a recent episode of Drama Alert, Keem explains that he was sure that KSI should have been awarded the victory over his American adversary, Logan Paul, immediately after the epic showdown in the Manchester Arena.

KEEMSTAR also felt that Deji’s team made a huge mistake throwing in the towel during his battle with Jake Paul, feeling that the Brit was in control.

However, having re-watched the fights since returning home from England, Keem believes that his original judgement was wrong, and that both results were correct in the end.

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Regarding the Deji vs Jake Paul fight, the 36-year-old says:

“I have to say, the towel needed to be thrown in. You can’t see everything when you’re front row, and congratulations Jake Paul, you did win.”

In terms of the KSI vs Logan Paul result, Keem admitted that his emotions may have altered his immediate reaction to the result, but now believes the draw was the right decision:

“It was a draw. It was a draw! It’s so different when you’re calm, at home. Both of these fighters looked really, really good. It was a draw."> KSI and Logan Paul have made it clear that they believe they won the main event clash on Saturday, August 25.

While a rematch between the two has been agreed on, there is no official date set for the bout. It’s expected that they’ll square off again in early 2019.