MrBeast explains he’s losing “ridiculous amount of money” on main channel

MrBeast stands in front of boxesYouTube: MrBeast

MrBeast, popular YouTuber and philanthropist, has revealed that due to the extraordinary amount of money he drops on each main channel video for some bizarre concepts, he’s actually running at a loss on his main channel.

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson has been around on YouTube since 2012, but in the past few years has exploded in popularity on the site, currently at over 50 million subscribers on his main channel alone, along with 13 million more on his gaming channel.

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He’s become well known for his insanely high-budget videos in which he gives money and gifts to family, friends, and strangers in the weirdest ways possible. These videos often see Jimmy buying out entire stores, giving people $100 million but only one minute to spend it, and more.

Mr Beast in front of crate of moneyInstagram: Mr Beast
MrBeast’s challenges consistently go crazy on YouTube.

In 2020, the star even bought an entire $700,000 island and had people see who could stay on it the longest, with the winner actually getting the island as the grand prize.

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However, these videos are clearly hugely expensive, and Jimmy revealed on Twitter that he’s actually losing money on his main channel. “Almost all my recent videos lost me a ridiculous amount of money,” he began. “That’s why I started the gaming channel so I can use the extra money to run the main at a loss and just focus on making the best videos possible.”

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He also went on to explain his strategy for continuing to support these crazy-concept videos. “My end goal is to have Beast Shorts, Beast Reacts and Beast gaming all funneling money into the main so I can film videos that are so stupidly expensive they don’t make sense.”

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Jimmy explained that he plans on using the popularity of his various channels for good, saying he wants to “leverage that attention to open a couple hundred food pantries/homeless shelters”.

It may come as a surprise to some fans that MrBeast isn’t actually making any money off these expensive videos, but it seems as though the YouTuber has everything under control, and making the happiness of his viewers and charitable donations his priority.

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