OTK Emiru fights through her most “psychotic” Twitch unban requests

emiru twitch unban requestsYouTube, Emiru

Twitch streamer, cosplay celebrity, and OTK member Emiru has a wide variety of fans and that means her chat can get… spicy. In a new video, she battled through her most ridiculous Twitch unban requests.

Emiru has made quite the name for herself, with beloved cosplays helping her reach “explosive” growth on Twitch – eventually leading to her being signed by OTK.

Since joining the creator group, she’s continued to create content with even more fans than before. When she’s not fending off Alinity’s scandalous assumptions or recreating Komi Can’t Communicate characters, she’s knee-deep in League of Legends and Just Chatting streams.

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As anyone who’s been in a Twitch chat knows, people can get pretty… interesting – especially when the streamer is a woman wearing anything other than full-on sweats. As a cosplayer, it’s probably no surprise that Emiru’s unban requests range from “down bad” to outright “psychotic” (in her words).

Emiru goes through her Twitch unban requests

Emiru went into the unbanning session with clear expectations: “It’s going to be bad, but I don’t care.” Almost immediately, she proved that nonchalance – forgiving someone who was banned after one comment: “If I was a girl, I’d f****r myself till I broke a nail to just to experience it.”

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Noting that the person wasn’t “being creepy” to her specifically, Emiru gave them the unban and told them “good joke!”

Later, though, others weren’t able to earn the same mercy. After going through a number of messages with people calling her the “M-word” (also known as “mommy”), Emiru landed on someone who spammed “EMIRU HAVE MY BABIES.”

In response, Emiru denied the unban request and left them with a simple explanation: “Bruh, you are psychotic for f**k sake.”

emiru twitch chat unban requestYouTube, Emiru
Emiru’s Twitch unban requests are absolutely full of the “M-word.”

A lot of Emiru’s unban requests were denied, including ones who hit chat with things that are far too vulgar for us to even describe here.

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For those who want to know how to be unbanned by Twitch streamers, though, this video does give some clear guidance. In 2018, someone received a permaban for asking Emiru to see her toes.

Four years later, they sent an unban request saying that they are “no longer into that stuff.” Appreciating that committed length of time and trusting them, Emiru unbanned them and explained that “we appreciate a reformed man and/or woman.”