Veibae hits back at outrage for using slur during debut stream as indie Vtuber

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veibae showing off new model during indie debut stream on twitch.

Popular indie Vtuber Veibae has come under heavy criticism after using an ableist slur on stream to address her fans. Veibae has responded to backlash, stating “I never claimed my stream to be a safe space.”

Veibae has begun her new adventure as an indie Vtuber after leaving VShojo on April 26. She made the decision over concerns that the contract offered by VShojo wasn’t up to her standards.

It’s standard practice for Vtubers to re-debut after leaving an agency regardless of if they keep their character or not. It’s an opportunity to start over and gain some attention in the community.

However, the language used toward the end of Veibae’s indie debut stream angered some fans, especially after Vei defended her use of the word.

Vtuber fans criticize Veibae over the use of slur

In the final few minutes of her indie debut stream held on May 21, Veibae said goodbye to her fans but didn’t stick to using a standard farewell message.

Instead, the indie Vtuber said: “See you later… What do I call you guys now? Can I say virgin on Twitch? I feel like virgin is banned but retards is not. So see you later, retards!”

This upset many in the Vtuber community with one member responding: “Damn Veibae really did sling out a slur as soon as she f**kin left VShojo. Thought she was like improving as a person but it’s clear just that VShojo was probably just like ‘Hey maybe don’t use slurs’ and now that she’s free and independent she can use slurs now.”

Another response reads: “Veibae saying the R slur for shits and giggles is so disappointing. You’re not edgy, you’re not funny, you ARE a c*nt.”

Veibae responds to slur backlash

Following the backlash Veibae would go on to defend herself. The Ex-VShojo member said: “I never claimed my stream to be a safe space. It is not and it never has been. I’ve streamed since 2017, get the f**k out. I’m not your therapist and I’m not going to babysit you.”

The Special Olympics states: “Spreading the R-word continues to hurt people with intellectual disabilities—and whether intended or not, is a form of bullying. Using the R-word is the same as using any slur against a minority group. Eliminating this word is a step toward respect for all.”

Veibae is not the first Vtuber to get into trouble over the use of certain words. Nijisanji EN member Kotoka Torahime had to apologize after using a slur that she was unaware of due to her cultural background.

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