VTuber Nihmune falls just short of Kai Cenat’s hype train record after Twitch bug

Nihmune VTuberTwitter: @Nihmune

VTuber Nihmune appeared set to break Kai Cenat’s Twitch Hype Train record during a December 9 live stream, only for a bug on Twitch’s end to seemingly cut it agonizingly short.

VTubing has taken the world of internet streaming by storm. A huge number of virtual YouTubers – under the HoloLive banner or otherwise – continue to amass millions of fans with their unique and creative characters.

On December 9, VTuber Nihmune debuted her 3.0 model on Twitch, piquing massive amounts of interested from across the internet.

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The stream was a resounding success, with thousands of subscriptions and bits rewarded to the VTuber for her new model.

However, Nihmune seemingly fell just short of Kai Cenat’s ‘Hype Train’ Twitch record due to a glitch. The current record, Level 47, was in sight and looked set to be broken.

At Level 45 though, Nihmune’s Hype Train glitched and cut out, leading to confusion from the streamer and her audience.

“Guys oh my god… wait why did it end?” she asked. “Why did it end? Did it end? Did we break it? Did we break it? Did we break it? We ran out of time. Where’s Twitch? Lemme talk to you. What the f**k is this.”

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Despite trying to investigate the Hype Train, it was not clear whether the record was actually broken as a result of it cutting out unexpectedly. Stats provided by viewers suggest that Nihmune’s stream outperformed Kai’s in terms of subs and bits.

Fellow VTuber Camila also shared a screengrab showing a message about an “All-Time record” being broken, but it did not display for Nihmune herself.

A Hype Train is a Twitch event, designed for fans of a streamer to celebrate and generate “hype”. By donating bits or subscribing, they can start a hype train which then has to be maintained by further donations, bits or subscriptions.

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Twitch describes it as “a super-sized celebration when community members unite to support a streamer they love. It challenges the community to reach epic levels of hype and rewards participants for keeping the train on track”.

Dexerto has reached out to Twitch to try and verify whether Kai Cenat’s record still stands.