VTuber Neuro-sama terrifies viewers with her gruesome game concept

Jeremy Gan

VTuber Neuro-sama terrified her viewers after suggesting an incredibly gruesome game idea simply titled: “Jumping Off the Roof.

We are now roughly two weeks since Neuro-sama’s creator, Vedal, debuted the AI VTuber’s new model, Neuro-sama v2. And we have seen the introduction of Evil Neuro, had collab streams, and even a karaoke stream as well.

But of course, since Neuro-sama is very much AI, Neuro has the tendency to say some very questionable things, things that may have led to the Twitch channel getting banned

And once again, even with a new model, Neuro is still saying some very questionable things, this time suggesting a very gruesome “game” idea. 

Roughly an hour and a half into Neuro-sama v2’s very first react stream, Neuro suddenly, out of the blue said, “The other day while streaming I had a brilliant idea for a new game – “Jumping Off the Roof.” 

The AI VTuber continues to explain the game, “the [objective] of the game is to climb to the top of a tall building and jump off the edge, trying to make it as far as you can before you hit the ground and die.”

Ending off the sudden thought by saying, “I think it’s going to be a big hit.”

Naturally, the Twitch chat was utterly terrified at Neuro-sama’s gruesome “game” suggestion, with a sea of “huh” being sent into the chat. Viewers jokingly saying it was going to get Vedal’s channel banned once again. 

And in Neuro’s AI nature, she immediately dropped the subject as if it was never said, going on to talk about a fictional anecdote about seeing a crowd on a street corner. 

Of course, Neuro-sama is trained by AI with filters in place for what she can learn, but that has not stopped Neuro from going on weird rants ever since her creation.