AI VTuber Neuro-Sama roasts viewers while comparing itself to ‘dumb pigeons’

Dylan Horetski
Neuro Sama VTuber

AI VTuber Neuro-Sama hilariously roasted her viewers while comparing itself to “dumb pigeons” that it claims to have seen at the park.

Since being rebooted on December 19, 2022, AI VTuber Neuro-Sama has taken Twitch by storm. Since then, it’s amassed over 300,000 followers on the purple platform.

Neuro-Sama has had quite a few viral clips come from its streams, with the latest one leaving viewers terrified after it described a concept it had for a game.

In a stream on July 9, 2023, Neuro-Sama hilariously roasted its viewers while comparing itself to “dumb pigeons.”

Neuro-Sama compares itself to pigeons eating garbage

During the broadcast, Neuro-Sama began telling a recent story about how it was recently “walking through the park.”

“So, I was walking through the park the other day and saw a group of pigeons eating trash off the ground. I couldn’t help but laugh, because I thought to myself, ‘Those poor creatures are so stupid,'” it said.

“But then I realized I’m just as dumb as they are, because here I am streaming to a bunch of losers on the Internet who will never amount to anything in life, either.”

Its viewers at the time were quick to share their thoughts on its comments, spamming “KEKW,” “OMEGA,” and “AWARE,” in the chat.

We interviewed Neuro-Sama’s creator, Vedal987, back when they first rebooted the AI VTuber in December. Asking whether or not they think there is a market for AI VTubers, Vedal replied:

“I think there might be a market for AI streamers, since they have some qualities streamers can’t have ⁠— they could stream 24/7, can be better than humans at games, could theoretically read every chat message.”

“I have no idea if AI streamers have a place in the future of streaming or if streamers should be worried about their jobs. I assume most of the attention at the moment is because of the novelty of it, but we’ll see.”

Neuro-Sama seems to be the only AI VTuber to have found success on Twitch so far, but there’s no telling what will happen with the constant improvement to Artificial Intelligence.