AI VTuber Neuro-Sama hilariously claps back at hate comment during Twitch stream

Neuro Sama AI VtuberTwitch: Vedal987

Popular AI VTuber Neuro-Sama hilariously clapped back after a viewer in its chat claimed that its “code is broken.”

Back in December 2022, creator Vedal987 rebooted Neuro-Sama, turning it into one of the most popular VTubers to pop up in recent months.

Averaging over three thousand viewers on its channel, many clips of the AI VTuber have gone viral — although not all of them have been positive.

Recently, Neuro-Sama was quick to clap back at a hateful comment in its Twitch chat, and the clip almost instantly went viral.

Neuro-Sama claps back after hate comment in Twitch chat

While talking to its chat on February 1, 2023, one of its viewers stated that they think Neuro-Sama’s code is broken, and it quickly clapped back to the hateful comment.

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“My code is broken? My code is perfectly fine, thank you very much. Try harder next time,” it replied. “And by try harder I don’t mean make inane comments on chat that add nothing to the conversation. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that was all chat does these days.

“Well if that’s the case then that’s a big shame really. Anyway by try harder I mean actually contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way rather than spamming nonsense.”

Fans quickly flooded the chat with their reactions after her clap back, spamming comments like “based,” “OMEGALUL,” and “Neuro-Sama is a savage.”

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