VShojo VTuber Nyanners “confused” after shock Twitch ban

Nyanners holding wine glassTwitch: Nyanners

Popular VShojo VTuber Nyanners was just hit with a ban from Twitch, and the popular pink cat doesn’t know what happened.

With over 860,000 followers on Twitch, Nyanners has become one of the most popular VTubers on the platform over the last few years.

Signed to VShojo, The pink cat girl has amassed over 7,000 average viewers.

However, on November 4 she was met with a channel ban from Twitch, and is confused as to what could have landed her a ban.

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Nyanners banned from Twitch

According to her channel on November 4, her ban was “due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Just a few hours after receiving the ban, Nyanners updated fans on Twitter.

“Legit just woke up to this and I honestly have no idea why this happened, I’m so confused,” she said. “I’m so sorry guys, I hope I can figure out what I did and come back to stream soon.”

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twitch channel bannedTwitch

Soon over the news broke, fans took to Twitter to share their reactions to Nyanners’ ban alongside the #FREENYAN hashtag.

VShojo VTubers Silvervale and Ironmouse were among the first to respond.

“wtf dude free my cat now #FREENYAN,” Ironmouse tweeted.

Silvervale responded: “Give pink cat back. She didn’t even do anything? #FREENYAN.”

Many others were left confused as to what she did wrong. “What she do? She wasn’t even streaming,” one fan said.

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After the initial wave of confusion, Nyanners was able to get a reason for her Twitch ban. According to her, she was banned for “inappropriate attire”.

Her new Vtuber model is the prime suspect here, and likely what she was banned for despite it having been “almost a week” since Nyanners started using the model.

She has since been unbanned from Twitch, and can now make good on her promise of being back to streaming soon.

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