Viral TikTok candles called out by mom after devastating house fire

Alec Mullins
Image of firefighters taking on a house fire.

A mother and her family were trapped inside their house after a specific kind of candle from TikTok sparked a devastating fire inside their house.

Jerri Bosley and her family were hanging out at home when the unthinkable happened – a small fire quickly spread throughout the place and developed into a massive house fire. She was left trapped inside and forced to wait for help to arrive while her children fended for themselves.

While that’s a nightmare in its own right, for it to have been caused by a Lasenteur candle that her daughter had seen on TikTok is the problem that Bosley wants others to be aware of.

A family was trapped inside their burning home after leaving TikTok candle lit unattended

images of Jerri Bosley's house fire
The interior of the Bosley house after the fire.

The mother and former NHS employee described the harrowing situation and how it escalated in a matter of minutes. She was upstairs when the family’s cleaner came to alert her of the fire, which they quickly deduced was coming from her daughter Teegan’s bedroom.

According to Daily Mail, she was certain that the 17-year-old girl was out in the garden, but her son TJ was still upstairs in his bedroom unaware of what was developing elsewhere in their home.

“I turned around and was met with a thick black cloud of smoke, it was terrifying, I was trying to shout for my son over the loud crackling and exploding of windows throughout the house,” she said.

It was at this point she called for help and was forced to wait for rescue via firefighter brigade. Shockingly, Teegan had already leaped into action and saved her brother before the paramedics had even arrived.

“Thankfully my daughter has climbed up onto the extension which is below his room window and helped him escape, if they had literally been a minute later the skylight on the extension would’ve exploded and there would’ve been no chance at getting him out.”

Bosley described TJ as looking “like Oliver Twist” in the aftermath and she believes he may have developed a chest infection from inhaling the soot, but otherwise, the family is in okay condition.

Still, the concerned mom has a very particular message for anyone thinking about buying the

“I know these particular types of candles are a current trend and very popular on TikTok, so this is why I am trying to raise awareness of the dangers of them…myself and my children were so very lucky to escape with our lives, but I fear the next person this happens to will not be so lucky. If you own these candles please throw them away!