Arby’s manager freaks out at customer demanding refund in viral TikTok

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A TikTok user in Hudson, Ohio recorded an Arby’s manager yelling at a patron over their full refund request.

Restaurant and retail managers going viral on TikTok is nothing new. It’s possible that ‘angry manager’ TikTok videos count among the platform’s most popular content.

Such posts probably won’t cease to exist anytime soon either. After all, arguments between service workers and customers have become unfortunately commonplace. And there’s typically someone on standby with a phone, ready to record the events in real-time.

The latest of such happenings took place at an Arby’s in Ohio, one whose manager has received quite a bit of heat from TikTokers.

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Arby’s manager goes viral on TikTok for arguing with a customer

A TikToker visiting an Arby’s in Ohio captured footage of a disagreement between the establishment’s manager and a customer.

The latter claims they ordered a Number 1 for $9.49, but the cashier mistakenly gave them just $6.00. Tension escalates from there when the patron yells out “f–k you” to the manager, who responds by telling the man he has a “serious problem.”

The two throw more expletives back and forth at one another before the manager threatens to call the police – a move the customer encourages.

Though it appears the cashier fully refunds the disgruntled patron towards the end, how the matter got resolved is anyone’s guess since the TikTok-using bystander has yet to share an update. There also exists no word on how the situation grew so tense before the recording began.

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Notably, the TikTok clip starts with the Arby’s manager snatching an empty cup from the counter. For some people in the clip’s comments, this behavior alone “would have set [them] off, too.”

Others argued the manager “escalated the whole situation,” while the cashier behind the counter remained professional throughout.

Similar to the viral video of a McDonald’s worker quitting mid-shift, this is one TikTok that will undoubtedly continue to make the rounds online.