What is the viral “oh no, our table, it’s broken” TikTok sound?

Georgina Smith
Boy stands next to stacks of bricks

A TikTok audio of a glass table breaking and a child saying “Oh no, our table, it’s broken” is continuing to go incredibly viral on the platform, after initially gaining traction in 2016.

TikTok is without a doubt the internet’s biggest hub of viral content right now, with new users constantly signing up and spending hours scrolling through their For You Pages to look at the funniest viral videos on the internet.

Although the app used to be best known for dancing and lip-syncing, the content on the app has since diversified into everything from recipes to storytimes and more.

The same can be said for TikTok ‘sounds’ which refers to audio that is used within videos. Users are easily able to make their own content based on other people’s sounds, and this means that it doesn’t take long for memes to spread through the app.

One meme that’s made a comeback in a big way thanks to TikTok, is the sound of a table breaking, after which a young boy exclaims, “oh no, our table, it’s broken!”

Although many are just hearing it for the first time now, it initially gained traction after the video the sound originated from reportedly aired on an episode of ABC’s ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’

The video shows a child stacking bricks on a table, but about halfway through a crack can be heard, followed by the table collapsing entirely. The boy then says those familiar words that have been flooding people’s For You Pages for weeks.

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People have been using the audio as part of new memes and viral TikToks, and some have also been using it as part of a ‘try not to laugh’ style challenge where they try to keep a straight face while listening to the hilarious sound.

The meme has been going viral on the platform since October, and it looks like its popularity isn’t slowing down, with plenty still using it as part of their videos.

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